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By supporting the Foundation, You help us to save memory places and artifacts that are left over by the activity of KL Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp from being forgotten. Our shared cooperation will help to save those silent witnessess of the tragic events for future generations.

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The State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation has granted our Foundation the patronage.  The Director of the Museum, Dr. Piotr Cywiński, while expressing appreciation for the activities and objectives of our Foundation, states: “This activity that aims at protecting the heritage of the victims of numerous sub-camps of Auschwitz deserves appreciation. The Foundation of  Memory Sites Near Auschwitz-Birkenau is an opportunity to fill the history of Auschwitz, a history situated away from the main camp, but nevertheless permeated with many human tragedies. We all need memory today, just as memory needs all of us."

It is a great honor, distinction, and a great credit of trust that we have been given.

The purpose of the Foundation is the protection of Auschwitz heritage. Auschwitz administration systematically interfered in the camp’s surrounding area. These actions led to the emergence of a number of sub-camps that economically supported the main camp, the boundaries of which extended far beyond the boundaries of today's museum. Tending for and protecting the remnants of the sub-camps fits the narrative about the Auschwitz complex.

Memory is the idea that unites the Museum and the Foundation ­— the memory of the victims of Auschwitz-Birkenau and sub-camps. The presence of the sub-camps as memorial sites in a public space is the purpose of the Foundation. They are places where people suffered and died, and the perpetrators of their ordeal were ruthless. Building this memory means completing the picture of the scale with which the Auschwitz-Birkenau death factory functioned. The words of Director Piotr Cywiński “We all need memory today, just as memory needs all of us” have a universal dimension and are the essence of all commemorative activities.

The patronage of the Museum has a special meaning for our Foundation. The Museum’s intellectual and ideological support guarantees a correct implementation for our future projects and tasks. The Board of Directors of the Foundation would like to thank Director Piotr Cywiński and the Museum for giving us their patronage.