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First of March is National Day of „Cursed Soldiers” remembrance.

Ceremony in Brzeszcze started at the cemetery in Brzeszcze-Jawiszowice by laying flowers and lighting candles on the graves of locals from our county, connected with resistance, a.o. Mr Jan Wawrzyczek, alias „Danuta” and „Marusza”, colonel of Polish Army, commander of National Army unit „Sosienki. Next, at 17:00 there was a mass in intention of „Cursed Soldiers” in the church of St Marcin in Jawiszowice. After the mass, people present moved to monument in Jawiszowice-Kółko, where they left flowers and sang national anthem, „Mazurek Dąbrowskiego. At closing of ceremony, women from Farmer's Wives Association sang „Camp Prayer” - anthem of the Cursed Soldiers. Present at the ceremony were: Representatives of Prime Minister's Beata Szydło's office and field committee of PiS, local authorities, institutions and associations along with citizens of Brzeszcze county.

Organizer: Mrs Iwona Gibas, director of Prime Minister's Beata Szydło's senators office and Field Comittee of PiS

Second part of ceremony took place on 3rd of March, when in Brzeszcze-Jawiszowice occured a meeting with historian mr Marcin Dziubek, author of book on Soldiers of National Army from „Sosienki” unit. During the meeting was shown movie „Unbreakable Under Wires of Auschwitz”, directed by m. Krzyszkowski and B. Wasztyl