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Support the Foundation

By supporting the Foundation, You help us to save memory places and artifacts that are left over by the activity of KL Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp from being forgotten. Our shared cooperation will help to save those silent witnessess of the tragic events for future generations.

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Today, 5th of October 2016, is the 74th anniversary of bestiary homicide of women, prisoners of Female Penal Company (Frauen Strafkompanie) in subcamp KL Auschwitz-Bór/Budy in Brzeszcze.

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Collection, that our Foundation takes care of, has been enriched by another, unusual, original item from the time of KL Auschwitz-Birkenau camp functioning.

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On the attic of pre-war school building, in which during the occupation were quartered female inmates from 1942 to 43 from Female Penal Company, and in the years 1943-45 women from Farauen Lager KL Auschwitz-Bór/Budy in Brzeszcze, we found an unusual finding from the time of camp existence.

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First Jewish prisoners in KL Auschwitz -Jawischowitz, 74th anniversary of creating subcamp of Auschwitz complex. 15th of August 1942r. To the german nazi subcamp of KL Auschwitz, created in a small village Jawischowitz next to Brzeszcze, comes from the main camp Auschwitz first transport of 150 inmates. These were jewish prisoners. We do not know if anyone from this first group survived to the liberation.

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Private collection of items and artifacts from KL Auschwitz complex that our Foundation takes care of, has been enriched by another original item from the era. Artifact, that carries clear and loud message about the evil that happened in ex German Nazi camp KL Auschwitz-Birkenau, evil, that exceeds plain common sense, doesn't matter the race or creed.

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Today is the 74th anniversary of creating first external female penal company of KL Auschwitz, in the pre-war school building in Brzeszcze/Bór that our Foundation takes care of and which is our registered office. In the first transport to the penal company in Bór were sent more than 400 women, prisoners of KL Auschwitz.

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