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By supporting the Foundation, You help us to save memory places and artifacts that are left over by the activity of KL Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp from being forgotten. Our shared cooperation will help to save those silent witnessess of the tragic events for future generations.

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It is another anniversary of brutal mass homicide at Female Penal Company in KL Auschwitz - Birkenau subcamp Budy - Bór. Fate of women from this Company was tragic from the very beggining. Each and every day they have been tortured both physically and psychically, and forced to hard labor, that exceeded their abilities.  

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Thanks to cooperation with Auschwitz - Birkenau museum in Oświęcim, on the museum's site under tab "Local partners" a link to our Foundation has been placed. It is the next step of our cooperation in common case, which main objective is to protect any and all leftovers of KL Auschwitz complex.

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More and more artifacts find their shelter under the wings of our Foundation. Most of them are in critical need of conservational intervention. Due to limited funds, we are forced to filter artifacts which condition and worth gives them first place in queue for renovation. We had a similar situation with presented document from SS Hygiene Institute in Raisko, laying just 3 kilometres from the Auschwitz camp,  which full name was „Hygiene-Institut der Waffen SS Raisko”.

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The defeat of Germany under Stalingrad was the beginning of theend for Third Reich. Advancing Red Army troops, and opening second front line on the west, have closed Wehrmacht and Waffen SS soldiers in iron clench of the Allies. The people from occupied zones welcomed liberatiors with joy. Along with reclaiming next turfs from the hands of enemy, the world was just about to realize the magnitude of crimes commited by Nazis.

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"At the evening we recived bread and margarine. Everyone was allowed to take as many blankets as they wished. Outside it was severly cold. On the district were left around 140 sick, unable to march. We already knew, that we would turn right, in the direction where earlier columns went. We went out, our hearts beating in anxiety, seeing on the side of the road bodies of those shot by SS soldiers. [...] We didn't now where we are being taken, and not long after the strat of our march, first shots could be heard at the back of the column. The weakest ones were shot without mercy."[1]

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Our Foundation participated actively in the 70th anniversaryof liberation of Auschwitz - Birkenau complex, the dreadful "death machine". As an act of solidarity along with everyone who wanted to commemorate International Holocaust Memory Day, we have marked our presence on the worldwide map of memory. In the early afternoon, the delegation of ourr Foundation placed flowers and lit a candle under the monument commemorating victims of Jawischowitz sub-camp, on the grave of victims from the "Death March" from Auschwitz on Brzeszcze cemetary, and finally under the sign of the building of former women penal company from Auschwitz in Budy/Bor.

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