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By supporting the Foundation, You help us to save memory places and artifacts that are left over by the activity of KL Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp from being forgotten. Our shared cooperation will help to save those silent witnessess of the tragic events for future generations.

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Last Sunday – 15th of November, in the building of Centre For Tourists located on the parking by Męczeństwa Narodów 14 street in Brzezinka, opening of an „IG Farben Werk Auschwitz” exhibition took place(entry via back of the CTF building). Author of the exhibition is our Foundation, that is Foundation Of Memory Sites Near Asuchwitz – Birkeanu.

Exposition consists of several panels (KL Auschwitz III Monowitz "Buna" /  IG Farben Werk Auschwitz / Camps created near IG Farben  / IG Farben – medicine  /  IG Farben – chemistry /  IG Farben – advertisements / IG Farben Werk Auschwitz 1945 – after the liberation /), forming coherent and complex picture of creating, history, and also functioning, during the occupation, of the IG Farben Werk Auschwitz facility, on the area of today's Monowice village.

After the entry of German forces and occupation of Poland in 1940, for the I.G. Farbenindustrie AG, biggest chemical concern i the pre-war Europe, new horizons have shown. In November 1940, German concern decided to build a new facility producing fuel and synthetic rubber. From several possible locations, chosen was the area between Oświęcim and villages Dwory and Monowice. Decision was supported by beneficial geological circumstances; close to the railway, sources of water and mineral deposits. In mid April 1941 started the construction of a new facility officialy called IG Farben Werk Auschwitz.

Exposition is built using original artifacts (items, documents) connected with functioning of IG Farben Werk Auschwitz, also with camp KL Auschwitz III – Monowitz, Stalag VIII B for British prisoners of war and miscellanous forced labor camps existing around the facility.

One of the most exquisite exhibits is the original fragment of washroom barrack from camp KL Auschwitz III – Monowitz, inside which there are still original German writings and calls. This specific barrack (washroom) is described in his book „If this is a man” the famous Primo Levi himself – writer, chemical engineer and former prisoner of KL Monowitz camp with number 174517, what legitimates the unique nature of the object.  To this day, of all the described writings and drawings, one of the examples of what's left is So wirst du rein on wooden side wall panel of the barrack, which we now display on the exposition.

The exhibition also treats about the expulsion and resettlements of locals, what was unavoidable element accompanying building and development of KL Auschwitz, and also creating the factory of IG Farben in Oświęcim.

Authorities of the Foundation would like to thank mayor of Oświęcim community, mr Albert Bartosz, for starting a cooperation with the Foundation and for shown respect.

 We invite You to see our exhibition which is open everyday, from 9 – am to 17 - pm, entrance in the back of the building.

Phot. S. Siwiec